Sunday, February 13, 2011

The 100 % recycled Zipper pins.

Each pin is 100% recycled . The zippers comes from the Wardrobe at the Shaw Festival and many donations from fans.  The best ones are ripped out of old garments and you can where the dye has faded.
The buttons are vintage finds from my last run around the antique shops along Bloor st west ( Captains  treasures antiques and Ransack in the basement of Vintage 69: both are close to Brock ave.) The fimo charms are handmade pieces from Fanfreluche 80's jewellery  collection ( made by Sue Scott now hat maker and owner of ).

i make  these in batches and these ones i couldn't stop myself in my adorning.  The fimo ..... oh the colorful fimo.

Monday, February 7, 2011

blooming earth on April 16th.

MY mother in law and i  are on the home page standing at my table. She is so sweet . She made us a picnic, snacks and drove me there.  We got lost heading there.
Two lost ladies on the back roads of Ontario.
I think she will be  there this year too.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

on the hunt for yarn and textiles.

heading back to  Toronto and the hunt for inspiration begins. i have hundreds of new vintage buttons from my picker and now i am on the look out for yarn . I have just applied to The new art festival in  Ottawa 4-5 of June, Puce Pop in Mtl March 5th and 6th and Hillside festival  July 22 to 24..... Got to get into my studio . fingers crossed that i get in to them all.