Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One of a Kind Show, Toronto..... for a one of a kind girl.

I just finished my Application.  Drew the booth design and sealed the envelop . also had to make a mock setup with half my displays in my small studio. Its was madness in here for a bit .
 Its my dream to be part of this event . i have been attending in so many  capacities for the past few years; it would me amazing  to participate as an artist.  Hopefully as a green artist.

wish me luck friends

paintings 2009

Since i have moved to Toronto  the confinds of my small shared studio space has made it impossible to paint. This year things have changed.
I am working on 4 new pieces this year .

Here is a taste of my past painting.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

vintage buttons necklaces Winter 2011

In the winter , i love nothing more then to sit in my studio and sort new buttons. Here is the end product of hours of fun. 
This batch of Button Collars were finished on my last visit in Ottawa.
I sat by the window.
The sun warmed my back  as I wire -worked the clasps.
Great Winterlude day listening to live opera from the Met.
Find them at .

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

on the train back to my studio

Hey friends,
I have just spent a week in Ottawa at giving my Homebase boutique a face-lift and brought some new recycled textiles buttons neck pieces and earrings. Its always nice to be in the Byward market around all the fab artist and   play "Lego" with all the marble . thanks to all that came in to visit. Its nice to see all of you . ( Melanie JAckson you rock!)
 I went to Collage studio and boutique  in Rockland to help Juanita re-vamp her vintage wears.... and prep the space for more jewelery. Ill be bringing in some product there by the 15th. ..... i went in to help. 
and the universe gave me a .....
donation of beads......  It was Bridget Rowan ; creator of SEVEN 15 @ eclection. Thanks lovely lady
really heavy load this time to bring back on the train ( where they always speak to me in french. love it!) . i didn't bring back any clothes in my suitcase: only products and supplies. oh the life of a crafter. 
thanks everyone in Ottawa.