Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Handmadeharvest 2011

Handmade Harvest 2011.
Location: the Old Town Hall in Almonte, Ontario.

This week was nothing but madness;
a true testament to the commitment it takes to be an artist.
8 day @ Eclection,
2 meetings with my WEB guru , 
tagging / finishing at home,
packing up truck for a 2 days adventure
and finally a road trip to the the haunting town of Almonte for the Handmade harvest 2011 with my BFF.

We took the afternoon the wounder around and explore the marvelous shop along the main strip. 
Vintage. antique and new.
We were enchanted. The perfect destination for a treasure hunt. 
We only managed to pop into a hand full of the shops on Mill st.
before we hurried to set up a table full of recycled textile jewelery in the beautiful space of the Old town hall.

INspitation this week

Milliner  heads to be seen at Vintage Wear/Ware
IN the town: Vintage Wear Ware i found a clip on bow tie for my husband, Curiosities i found some hand-spun spools of yard, trims and buttons.
IN the show:
i wish i could make what they do. Beautiful shadow boxes in old watches... behind the glass a nest made out of yard and charms.

The ladies next to me made awesome aprons. I bought 2 both dotted. I always wear a vintage apron when i am working it at a shows or in the studio. I feel more productive that way.

All in all , we had a blast last weekend.
  This week, I am back to work in the studio. I am making the multi-stranded recycled textile bracelets and necklaces
(I almost sold out this weekend).
They are my favorites to create. I can incorporate  as many elements as possible and really make a mess.

Coming up: The One and only craft sale in Sandy hill. i have  been doing this show for 5 years and always buy half of my gift for the season there.
looking forward  it.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

This weekend: Handmade Harvest

If you've been waiting for just the right time to come out and get your new Morganna The White original, wait no longer: we'll be live on site at the fall Handmade Harvest craftshow in Almonte, Ontario on Friday evening and Saturday all day.

Among the items you'll see are a brand new line of multi-strand textile bracelets, fabulous for any occasion...they also make great gifts. As well, you'll get an introduction to a new style of Morganna piece: crocheted wire with beads. It's very bohemian-chic, and we're sure you'll love it.

Wish Morganna well as she hunches over her table in her studio for a few more precious hours, finishing up the last few pieces so that all of you wonderful couture fans can come and find the perfect piece!