Tuesday, October 25, 2011

fall 2011: vintage button necklaces in MTW new studio.

Products made include pins, stubs, bracelets and earrings
What i have been making?  The weeks before  Christmas the studio becomes a bit of a mad house.
Bits of textiles and yarn everywhere, batches of my recycled jewellery in mid-state of ready-ness and aching fingertips  from all the wire work and cutting. I have made almost everything and anything that i can be inspired to create.

My favorite this week: THE VINTAGE BUTTONs COLLARS
INspiration of the Week:  I have finally finished the  set up of my new studio in Montreal  and this has made a huge impact on my creative spirit.
I have so much floor and table space. 
I really love being able to move around , to take a painting breaks listening to Natalia Lafourcade and photoshoot..... all in the same room.

of an artist on the go: 
Preparing portable work for the days you are not in the studio. i have a huge suitcase full to take for my week away.  Finishing isn't the most amusing part of a designers job but its the most important for the wearabillity of the piece and its the only part i can do anywhere.

Step one of the Vintage Button Collars: Collecting a color scheme of buttons.

The Joys of Life: Buttons in the mail  and learning how to crochet wire with beads to incorperate into 2012 line of silk wire jewellery.
Once i started with my crochet needle I couldn't stop..... until i broke to hook. I think i will have to change to a Metal one because the plastic won't  cut it.

TO be made this Week:
I will be on the road this week...... Ottawa here i come  for the Handmade Harvest .

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall 2011: multi-textured Recycled Bracelets

What i have been making : Multi-stranded recycled textiles bracelets; incorperating strands of vintage beads and clip-on found at the clothing show 2011 in Toronto.

All the new bracelets can be found at Eclection.
What I am preparing for :the Winter Craft sale season and keeping the shops stocked with goodies. X-mas Show:> and  Both show are in November.

INspiration this week :  I love all the lady crafters out there but the one is INspiration this week is the ingenious Folilaine from Quebec.  Her wrapped lace and textile cuffs have pushed me to go big or go home with my bracelets.
The costumers of have been loving them and i had the pleasure of selling one of them during my weekly Saturday  shift.

Stressessssss of an artist on the Go: 
The public transit with many bags of goods made or to be made  and traveling between cities.

The Joys of life: Coming home to a box full of new supplies  that arrived when i was gone and homemade pecan pie made by the man i love.

To be made this week: I will be snipping scarps and bits that i have newly aquired from my textile artist friends (Fanfreluche hats and Dye samples from this season of the Shaw festival).
I hope to get a batch of 40 pins and hair clips done by the end of the week for my return to Ottawa...... off to the studio to start the madness.