Tuesday, October 25, 2011

fall 2011: vintage button necklaces in MTW new studio.

Products made include pins, stubs, bracelets and earrings
What i have been making?  The weeks before  Christmas the studio becomes a bit of a mad house.
Bits of textiles and yarn everywhere, batches of my recycled jewellery in mid-state of ready-ness and aching fingertips  from all the wire work and cutting. I have made almost everything and anything that i can be inspired to create.

My favorite this week: THE VINTAGE BUTTONs COLLARS
INspiration of the Week:  I have finally finished the  set up of my new studio in Montreal  and this has made a huge impact on my creative spirit.
I have so much floor and table space. 
I really love being able to move around , to take a painting breaks listening to Natalia Lafourcade and photoshoot..... all in the same room.

of an artist on the go: 
Preparing portable work for the days you are not in the studio. i have a huge suitcase full to take for my week away.  Finishing isn't the most amusing part of a designers job but its the most important for the wearabillity of the piece and its the only part i can do anywhere.

Step one of the Vintage Button Collars: Collecting a color scheme of buttons.

The Joys of Life: Buttons in the mail  and learning how to crochet wire with beads to incorperate into 2012 line of silk wire jewellery.
Once i started with my crochet needle I couldn't stop..... until i broke to hook. I think i will have to change to a Metal one because the plastic won't  cut it.

TO be made this Week:
I will be on the road this week...... Ottawa here i come  for the Handmade Harvest .

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